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The images on this page are not to scale but approximate sizes are given in each case.

Silver mounted Amber pendants


Stock Number                                   AP82                                        AP92                                  AP102                                AP93
Height (including loop)                       1 inches                                  1 inches                            1 inches                           2 inches
PRICE                                              SOLD                                      
SOLD                             SOLD                                   16

Silver mounted Green Amber Pendants



Stock Number                                                  AP101                                     AP103                                     AP105 
Height (including loop)                                      1 inches                                 1 inches                                1 inches      
PRICE                                                             12                                          SOLD                                    SOLD

Silver mounted Mineral Pendants


Stock Number                                         SP1                                               SP7A                                                SPP7B                      
Stone                                                      turquoise                                        rainbow calcite                                   rainbow calcite
Height (including loop)                             2 inches                                       1 inches                                          2 inches      
PRICE                                                   SOLD                                                 24                                                    24   


Stock Number                                                                  MP5                            MP3                       SP4                                                                         
Stone                                                                               phosphorite                   pink jasper             aventurine                                                          
Height (including loop)                                                      2 inches                        1 inches               1 inches
PRICE                                                                             19.50                         9.50                     


Stock Number                                                                                                             
Stone                                                                                      rose quartz                        peach aventurine                                                 
Height (including loop)                                                             2 inches                          2 inches                                       
PRICE                                                                                    10 (includes chain)          SOLD


Swarowski crystal pendants with chains


                                           SW1                                  SW2                               SW3                                SW4                               SW5
                                                         Each heart measures inch high.  Price - 7.50 each (boxed and with silver chain)


Natural Mineral Pendant & Earring Sets

aventurine                                            amazonite                                         rose quartz                                             amethyst

The pendants measure 1 inches high and the earrings 1 inch high, excluding loops.
The fittings and chain are silver. Each set is boxed and costs 12


Ancient Jewellery Vintage Gold Rings Vintage Gold Brooches Costume Jewellery 

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